Wednesday, 23 May 2012

:: my humps, my lovely humpday humps ::

It's now been 2 weeks without an internet connection at home (re-connected today!), which has been surprisingly easy to survive. It's amazing what you can do (or not do) when you have to!

It's been a great week; I took Friday off last week because I was simply not coping with having a billion boxes to step over every night when I came home, and was not coping with not being able to even see the filthy floor to mop it. So we got stuck into it, and now things are starting to pull together quite nicely. The lounge room is set up and quite cozy, Jason has finished washing all the hall walls, and the study is also cleared out (a bit) ready for Jason's music students tonight.

One thing we've had to change since moving to this place, is which side of the bed we sleep on! I always slept on the left (from the point of view when sitting up in bed), same as my parents. This 'worked' for Jason in our old house because he was closest to the door. But the door is on the other side in our new bedroom, and Jason insists on being nearest the door so he can 'protect me'. (cue: awwww)

This seems ok so far, though I still can't master snuggling my head on his shoulder like I did on the other side. It just feels awkward and uncomfortable. This will be worked on.


Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

And the humpday delights this week are:

1} Our first "Gold Class" cinema experience.

The recliners were my favourite bit. And the small amount of people that can watch at once. Although having dinner, dessert and coffee brought to you was amazing, it was really hard to SEE what I was eating and where it was.  Btw, we saw Avengers which was a lot of fun. I like Robert Downey Jnr, but I really liked Mark Ruffalo (before he turned into the Hulk) and his quiet demeanor & cute personality.

Overall, it was a real treat (we actually 'earned' the tickets by buying enough coffees at the Gold Class Cafe and getting 'stamps' on our card. Thanks to the girls at work for ordering them [through me, wink wink] and letting me collect their stamps!) and we left feeling about as mushy as a long overdue date-night would do to any twitterpated pair.

(picture below is not from The Avengers)

2} The coolest, comfiest shoes from K-mart.... only $4.50 each!!

I couldn't believe my eyes, so I bought three pretty pairs. Your K-mart will probably have some too (for my Aussie pals).

3} A trip to Melbourne to see BopStretch.

One of Jason's favourite jazz styles is "Be-Bop", defined by Wiki as "a style of jazz characterized by fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity and improvisation based on the combination of harmonic structure and melody. It was developed in the early and mid-1940s."
We've heard a bit about this BopStretch group, so hopefully we'll enjoy the show tonight at the Uptown Jazz Cafe.

P.S. Happy 60th Blogger Post to me!


  1. I have the pair of shoes on the right - perfect for lazy days when I have to get to class and such! Glad you're settling in and making progress in the new place <3 Kavita

    1. So comfy aren't they?! The ones on the right are the only ones I've worn yet... perfect with grey leggings :)

  2. Awww! I sleep on...let me see....the left hand side - as you're facing to the foot of the bed. Make sense?!! We've switched around a bit, esp when Isaac was born and I had to get up a lot.

    $4.50???? How very cool. I should check it out.

    Hope you enjoyed the jazz! Lucky duckies.

    Hope you're feeling nice and settled xo

    1. Yes, get yourself some! Just so cheap.

      The jazz was ah-mazing. I have never seen their like, especially the drummer. Facinating!

      And yes, feeling more settled now. Thanks Bec xx

  3. I also sleep on the left side of the bed, for the same EXACT reason! Boys think they're so tough when near the door, but God knows if someone broke in, we'd be screwed. lol.

    Sounds like things are settling in quite nicely! Cute shoes!

    1. I know! Not sure if he has a plan of attack for that day when he needs to 'protect me', but I guess I can more easily jump down behind the bed from that side. LOL.

  4. Dan and I have also switched sides of the bed so he could be closer to the door. Then we got a new mattress that is soft on one side and harder on the other side and the softer side (my side) is closer to the door so now I sleep closer to the door. That is very cute that he wants to protect you. :)
    Those shoes are soo cute.

    1. wow, I didn't know you could get mattresses like that. Sounds great!


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