Monday, 30 April 2012

:: puppy happy-snapping [and a cake] ::

This weekend was the first with Bastian, and we have found him to be the most delightful thing that has happened for a long while.

He's so affectionate, loves "standing up" on things, and peeing anywhere where there isn't newspaper. He has also made best friends with the puppy in our wardrobe mirror door.

what a little poser.

He was also a very good boy, and sat happily for hours in the car when we packed him up to come to our anniversary photoshoot on Sunday. Of course, he completely stole the limelight and got to feature in some of the shots.

We had the most fabulous time getting pretty & mooshy (felt like a mini wedding all over again) for some celebratory 1st anniversary photos. The lovely Laura from Weddings of Desire styled the shoot for us, and even provided a Carla Zampetti dress for me. Our photographer Mel, from Milk Photography was equally gorgeous and I am just dying for our sneak peak.

I didn't get to snap any pictures of the setup myself, but here is the cake by Baking Addict (we got to take it home!) that was on the dessert table, and my dress (minus the red brooch).

Hope to have some sneak peaks for you very, very soon. Or I might just go crazy.


  1. Bastian is SO cute. And I'm not a dog person ;-)

    Wow, you guys are having a very special fancy anniversary celebration! Love that dress. Is that Danni Minoque? Very feminine. Stunning. As is the cake. Looking forward to pics!

    1. I'm definitely not a dog person either, but this thing destroys any reasoning behind that! You should see the way he runs! Bobbing and tripping on his ears and rolls of fat.

      Yes that is Danni Minogue, I'm hoping it looks the same on me as her! It was quite an awkward dress to wear in some ways, I felt like it kept gaping!

  2. How do people make those detailed flowers on those cakes from icing???

  3. He is so adorable. Those ears. Oh man. And the cake is gorgeous!

  4. I can't believe my eyes! That cake is amazing!!!! So fancy! Love the dress, too... very elegant and you always look stunning in white, too Han so I'm sure the photos will be amazing! Hehe... dear little Bastian.

    1. The cake is nice hey! I was impressed. And thanks, you're just a perfect peach!! x


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