Tuesday, 28 February 2012

:: wednesday madness ::

To my dear faithful followers,

I don't have 3 things that make humpday less lumpy this week. It's been a pretty tough Wednesday! In fact, I could probably think of three negative things straight away, how sad:

1} I took a sick day Monday, and the other girl took a sick day yesterday which means we are days behind in scanning medical documents, and this morning we are both here but the scanner broke.

2} Breaking the news to the nice real estate agent this morning that we won't be buying his house after all (sad!!!) because the building inspection failed miserably.

3} Hugely embarrassing a young male client of mine in my lunch break today, after he noticed me walking the street (on the way to meet Jason for lunch). He stepped in time with me, asked where I was off to, and invited himself to join me at Noodle Box. Only to find that my husband was there waiting for me. He left, muttering something about going to the cinema anyway.
That is what you call an awkward moment. 

And that's about all. Things I'm looking forward to right now are:

1} Going to SH'BAM!! at Fernwood Gym (soooooo fun!)

2} The next episode of "Please Marry My Boy" tonight. It has given me the biggest laughs in ages.

And now I will leave you, with a cute invention that I don't know where to purchase. Friend points to anyone who can find out for me *hint* ;)

Love Hannah


  1. Well Hannah, doesn't sound like the ideal Wednesday at all BUT think, it can only get better from here ;)

    I have never seen such a cute little grater - wouldn't have the first clue where to find one! Try pinteresting it to see if you can locate where it came from? That my best guest?

    Hope your week gets better! xox

    1. Hi Aimee! Yes, things can always get better ;).

      I found the grater on pinterest in the first place, and it lead to a dead end! It looks like some random blog viewer below has found it though!.. how kind!


  2. Hehe! I would be flattered by the guy! At least you had planned to meet Jason otherwise there might have been no getting rid of him!

    Love the new layout- very cool.

    And that grater is so cool! Makes me think of that ad on the TV where the cheese is like "Ooooh a slide!" and becomes a million strands as he slides down the grater :)

    Hope you're feeling better today!


    1. I felt so sorry for him!! He's usually quite shy & has depression, so he really did well with his confidence, and the smooth way he casually joined me (and he barely knows me). So he would have scored points... with someone else!!! Wrong choice sorry bud!

      Thanks for liking my new layout!!

  3. you mean this?

    1. Well hello!! Thanks 'friend'!! :)

      Oh! And I've just worked out who you are ;)

  4. Awkward much! Bet Jason got a giggle out of it.
    Pity about the house. Termites?
    Enjoy Shabam - sounds heaps fun!

    1. I felt sooo bad for him. But it was the way he did it, I didn't get a chance to tell him I was meeting Jason... and I can't stop people from eating at Noodle Box if they want to. Right? lol

      Nah, the house needed restumping among other things. 1800's cottage! So sweet but lots of hidden surprises.

  5. Hi sorry about the house thing! I saw the comment on pinterest but couldnt reply from my blackberry but that gives you more chances to look for a prettier one :) be patient, God must have a better one for you somewhere. I like the grater!

    1. Hey Anna! Aw thanks for that. Yeah, we are excited to look for something better. I'm sure you'll hear about it when we do ;)


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