Thursday, 16 February 2012

::most embarrasing moments this week::

Ok, so I have two embarrasing moments which I'm obviously keen to embarrass myself further with, by posting them for all the world to see.


Number 1:

My new bike helmet. It's cool. It's confusing. I'm so paranoid about putting it on backwards (like I did in the shop when I was trying it on with Jason) that yesterday when I left the gym I put it on backwards. And yes, people can tell.

Number 2:

I'm at work, typing a sweet email to my husband. I had some news and had thought about calling him but thought I better email. My work phone rings; a medical call is coming through. I see the calling number. It is nothing remotely like any of Jase's/my phone numbers. I pick it up and immediately (and loudly) say "HELLO DARLING!!" into it.
I gasp in horror at myself. I pause for 1.80 of a second. I quickly hang up and feel my face go the darkest shade of rose. I had no reason to think it might be Jason calling. Those words just confidently, weirdly, flew out of me without any reason. Now my clients must think I enjoy hanging up on my husband.

Bring on the weekend.


  1. I love it, you are adorable. TNT

  2. You made the signs?? They're amazing! :-) Well done! Oh, and, yes... I think we've all had weeks like yours. Next week will be better. :-) xoxo

    1. Actually, no Emily... I didn't make that one! I wish I had. I did however make a very cool one today for a friend's wedding, but I can't be posting it on here or she will see it. When is your wedding, btw?

    2. {Sorry - only just found your response now!} Nice! Well, hopefully you can show off the sign after the wedding. I'm curious to see your work... :-) Our wedding is on the 22nd of September. The engagement party is on the 28th - the engagement party will be a bigger deal than the wedding. The wedding will be quite simple actually. The engagement party will be vintage science themed. It's sort of coming together and sort of not right now. I'm sure you know the feeling. :-) I'm trying to enjoy the experience but I have a feeling I'll have more fun looking back on it all when it's over! xo

    3. Vintage Science themed!!! Oh how exciting and appropriate!! Love it. Do you have test tubes filled with flowers on the list? ;) I definitely do know what you mean about it coming together, yet not working out.... it does actually work out in the end (so much work, hey! :-S) so don't panic. Just make sure you have a master list of EVERYTHING that you want on the day otherwise something will be forgotten. It will be the funnest!

    4. I know! Since Pete and I both have science degrees, it suits both of us. :-) Yes! I have test tubes, flasks, beakers... with flowers in them. Two of my favourite acquisitions are a vintage ECG - borrowed from uni - and a microscope Pete picked up from the Salvos for $2!! :-D

    5. That's AWESOME. Just piles of science books & bunting and you'll be done ;)

    6. Haha! You know me too well... I have made two of the three bunting so far. :-)

  3. Oh you're cute! Don't worry those things happen the phone thing has happened to me too (blush) hhehe


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