Wednesday, 11 January 2012

::get your valentine on::

I have more holiday posts to put up, but lets just take a break from that and indulge in a little valentine talk.

I'm going to be honest with you, I don't think I've ever given a Valentine. Mostly because I always figured it was silly growing up, and then when Jason and I got together, we were always giving each other love notes so I don't think Valentine's Day made much of an imprint! Valentine's Day was, however, the day we officially got together 2 years ago (is that ALL?!) so if we did do something special on that day, it was to celebrate our "getting-together-versay".

But I think that's all about to change. Especially since our wedding anniversary is a different day (a whole two days away from Valentine's Day!).

The other reason it's about to change is because I FEEL LIKE BEING STEROTYPICAL VALENTINEY now. Alright? Especially when it means getting down & crafty!

I've just been exposed to a dangerous list on Pinterest, which will keep the itchiest of crafty romantics out of trouble.

Here's just a pinch of them:

Some adorable shabby homemade rubber stamps made from erasers:

I love the idea of flying this love-note (printable) into Jase's head to get him out of bed that morning:

I do so enjoy sewing onto paper. This is a sweet, simple design which could be used for girl friends all year round:

Loads of oh-so-free printables like this one from "The Hands-On Housewife":

And THIS lightbulb, is just sweet genius. I'm sure I'd cut myself, but dear me it's so tempting to attempt:

So get yourself a lookin' at the 101 Valentine Ideas. I can't wait for it already.


  1. I saw the eraser stamps. Amazing. I am definitely going to try those. And it seems like there are some many other ideas that are just fantastic!! Keep us posted on everything you DIY!! :)

  2. You inspired me! I'll be working on a few Valentine's crafts of my own...

  3. Yay girls! I can't wait to start.


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