Thursday, 15 December 2011

::mushing on my own video::

You could hear the squeals through our suburb when I realized our wedding video had finally arrived. I couldn't get my sticky paws off the DVD case until I'd materialized in front of the TV and popped it straight in.

All 119 minutes went by in a flash. I laughed at poor Jason critizing his morning face which the videographer was kindly there to capture,  and bawled my eyes out over us saying our vows. Seriously, we came up with some poetic gems there, peoples.

It's so odd watching it all from the outside. I thought we looked so beautiful together. It's funny because we've never actually seen footage of us pashing in a park before. Glad we looked as natural as we felt, ha!

I was relieved to see that everything looked splendid, and that I don't regret anything... much. The sound system we had for the speeches was poo. I forgot that I had to yell the first half of my speech until they managed to still a fork in the wobbley plug to keep it from buzzing. And I forgot that Jason's 'ad lib' speech was so gigantically long. But it was beautiful and heartfelt. Poor Jason could hardly stand to watch it but I wasn't going to let him make me fastforward one juicy moment.

They even had a 'bloopers' and behind the scenes clips as extras on the DVD, one which included me being filmed (leaving from my hairdressers 2 story appartment) high-fiving a tall African-American in the street that was trying to stop me & tell me how sexy my new hairstyle looked. He seemed satisfied with the high-five so I hurried on after that!

It made me realize how priceless a wedding video is. Absoultely priceless. I was met with a stern 'no' when I suggested we watch it all over again as soon as it was done. I'll have to pop it on again when he's not looking tonight...

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