Wednesday, 24 September 2014

:: Mr Willem at 18 months ::

This poor old blog seems to have fallen by the wayside over the last few months, which I'm sad about as I had a lot of fun creating posts! But those spare moments I used to have become a bit more scarce.

Willem 'turning' 18 months yesterday reminded me of the monthly updates I used to do, and thought that this 1.5 year milestone deserved an impromptu blogging.

We just came back from 4 days in Wollongong, NSW, visiting my parental grandparents, so that they could meet their very first great-grandson. I was super nervous about the 10-hour drive but Willem was a champion with only 1 melt-down on the way up, and none on the way back. Snacks and books are the key. More snacks, snacks and those books again. I think I was going crazier than he was! Lovely trip though and well worth the effort.

I thought the photos from the trip would suffice for this update!

A few of his milestones over the past few months have been:

- Walking at 14 months.
- Weaning at 18 months (except for one feed every 2nd day.. soon to vanish!)
- Having a full mouth of teeth besides his last set of 2 year old molars.
- A decent vocabulary of over 20 words. Some of his best/clearest ones are: cracker, umbrella, teeth, flower, cat, apple, teddy, oval, star, CD, pop, ding, heart.
- He has a very good understanding of shapes, and knows most of them when I ask him to point to them. He also has a fascination for ovals and knows the difference between them and circles. He goes around the house pointing out & declaring circles and ovals, and he gets it right 90% of the time. Funny boy!

He is a total treasure and we are so blessed to have him to love!!


  1. So lovely to see him grow up strong and clever:) you guys are doing a great job with him x

  2. What an adorable and handsome boy! Lovely photos and precious memories. xx

  3. OHHHH!!! Mr. WILLEM!!! Illegally cute!! Must confiscate him!

  4. Good job, guys. He is a darling. I'm so glad I'm Grandma. I will hold him in 8 weeks.


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