Saturday, 1 March 2014

:: Mr Willem at 11 months ::

Age: 11 months
Favourite food: Really loves feeding himself little cubes of homemade buckwheat-chia-quinoa bread.
New tricks: 1) Waving & saying "wah-wah"(bye-bye). 2) Crawling up stairs.
Words: Dad & Mum, "wah-wah" (bye-bye), and attempts to say "duck".
Mobility: Crawling. Walking furniture.
Sleeping: 2 day time naps, though occasionally has one if we have to go out for the day. Bedtime around 7:30pm. Wakes 1-2 times per night.
Teeth: 5, and number 6 not far away.

We have just returned from 10 days in Tasmania which was lovely. It was Willem's 2nd flight and he cried most of the way there, but on the way home he was perfectly content to sit still and play. Poor bubba had a cold on our way there so most likely the pressure hurt his little eardrums.

It's been a fun month, and we are noticing a lot of little developments. He plays games like passing his dummy to me, I say "thank-you!" and pass it back to him (repeat x200). He sometimes grabs his spoon as I feed him dinner and guides it into his own mouth. Whenever someone mentions the word "bye" he starts waving. He also starts waving and saying 'bye' whenever we walk down the hall towards the front door. He loves ducks, birds, flies & dogs. It's so cute when we see a bird and he raises his two short arms towards the sky and grunts. Lots of little joys.

He's eating solids better since I've refused to feed him in the night. It makes sense that if I breastfeed during the night his appetite will decrease in the day. He also does a really good job of munching into a crisp apple, skin and all.

He had his allergy testing a few weeks ago, and came back positive to eggs & peanut the highest, then wheat, banana & dust mite. Soy & dairy didn't show up as an allergy, but they said that doesn't mean he's not sensitive to them. The prick test only shows up "instant reaction allergies" and not "delayed reaction allergies". But the specialist encouraged me to try reintroducing small amounts of soy & dairy again. So far soy has been ok, which is good to know (so I can have the occasional soy expresso when I'm out. I don't drink coffee at home). And small amounts of dairy have been ok too. I'm wary of overdoing it at the moment so my dairy intake consists of just 2 squares of chocolate now and then. It feels good to have the reins loosened just a bit. I'm to continue to avoid eggs and peanuts religiously though, until he is retested next year.

Can't believe he's almost one.

{ below: hello top and bottom toofies!}


  1. Such cute pics. Love him. :) x

  2. It was delightful having him and you all here. Miss you already.


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