Wednesday, 12 February 2014

:: three years of marriage ::

We've just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary; but our first anniversary with a third person in tow.

We kept it simple but very sweet, and made our way down to Ocean Grove for Willem's first beach visit. It was a beautiful day (26'C) but not warm enough to go swimming. So we walked, shopped & ended with a picnic dinner overlooking the sea.

Starting with breakfast. I made a chia seed pudding the night before, with cacao added (yep, Willem can tolerate cacao now! So happy). Topped with a granola-type crumble made up of walnuts, puffed brown rice, shredded coconut and cacao nibs blitzed in the Thermomix. Felt very indulgent yet completely healthy!

{ some pictures are out of focus, but I couldn't not include them! }

{ someone had to miss a nap }

{ thai green curry chicken rice paper rolls from home, and minimum chips ;) }

Looking forward to returning and getting sandy & salty next time around!

I feel so blessed to have spent 3 years by Jason's side. We've had our tough moments, and disagreements for sure. But looking back from today, I can see so many ways that we both have changed to accommodate the other's feelings, priorities & needs.Things are better now than they have ever been. People say the 'honeymoon' period is something that leaves, but I disagree. If you work at marriage and keep the other person first in your life, your own life will only get richer and more wonderful each passing year.

I love you hubby.



  1. That's beautiful Han! LOVE tbe pics, you are such a gorgeous family. :) xx

  2. (Dad) Happy anniversary Jason and hannah. May God's Word and Spirit continue to be your strength. Mum and I are very proud of you both. Keep focused and blessings will continue to flow.
    Love from Dad and Mum

  3. Yay for his first visit to sand and sea! Lovely photos of you all.


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