Monday, 9 September 2013

:: coconut cream centred chocolates (SF, DF, GF, V)::

Good things come in small sizes.

Whoops, I'm drooling over my own blog post already!

I've been making my own 'chocolate' for a while now and I've always just poured it onto a tray to break into pieces, or put it in little round silicon cupcake papers to pop out. It dawned on me the other day though, that I actually do own chocolate molds. And at the rate this particular chocolate recipe sets, I knew it wouldn't be too hard to coat the inside of the mold, let it set in the freezer for 1 min, and then fill the centre with something yummy, before sealing off the bottom. I wasn't sure how they would pop out, as I didn't even think about greasing the mold, but they just popped right out. And they taste GREAT.

Coconut Cream Centred Chockies

(sugar free, gluten free, vegan)
Makes approx 20

Chocolate Mixture
Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan over very low heat. Stir occasionally

Coconut Mixture
  • 1 bag (500g-1kg) shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup coconut cream
Blend shredded coconut on high in Thermomix or high powered food processor until runny & sloppy. This could take 3 mins in a TM, or 15min in a food processor. Add the coconut cream and blend till thickened (couple of seconds).

Assembly Method:
  1.  Dribble a bit of your hot chocolate mixture into the bottom of each chocolate mold and rub it up the sides with your finger. Pop the mold in the freezer for a minute. While you're waiting, roll some small balls of the coconut cream mixture.
  2. Take the mold out of the freezer, hopefully it hasn't all gone completely hard, and rub the settled chocolate up the sides of the mold again. Return to freezer. Roll some more white balls.
  3. Take the completely set chocolate out of the freezer, press a coconut ball into each mold and pour the rest of your hot chocolate mixture over the coconut cream.
  4. Return to freezer and wait till completely set (1/2 hour) before DEVOURING.

Note: You will have tonnes of coconut cream/butter left over. It's yum and keeps for ages. Keep rolling it into balls for a sugar-free snack for yourself. You could even make another batch of chocolate and roll them in it. I pressed some into mini silicon cupcake molds and topped with a bit of remaining chocolate.


  1. Looks great! Wow, a thermomix sounds like a powerful appliance! I've heard a bit about them but never really looked into getting one.

    1. Very powerful! It makes great nut butters fast, and the way it makes ice into smooth sorbet snow is just a-stounding. An expensive item but it pays for itself in a year with all the money you save on groceries (and TIME!).

  2. They look wonderful. You can buy a small paint brush and keep it for the chocolate painting job, like you keep one for melted butter or brushing on beaten egg, only smaller.


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