Sunday, 30 June 2013

:: week 6 sugar-free ::

Ahhh last week (Week 6) was a nice one! Here I was allowed to add a bit of sweetness back into my life after 3 weeks of absolutely none (besides that sugar-yogurt-cheat-bloat-fail). Things like fruit (1-2 pieces a day) are back in, along with things sweetened with stevia & rice malt syrup.

I went straight to the to the top with Sarah Wilson's Crunchy Nut Cheesecake.

This beautiful baked cheesecake has a base of hazelnuts & almonds set with butter. The filling is cream cheese (some homemade by letting homemade yogurt drain in cheesecloth), some coconut oil & cream, dash of vanilla, and sweetened with rice malt syrup. After making the batter for the filling, I licked the bowl completely clean (naturally) and thought to myself, "Oo that's sweet... might put less rice malt syrup than recommended next time." But when Jase was given a piece, he said he liked the texture but it wasn't sweet enough, so didn't want any more! So my taste buds have obviously recalibrated.

Second on the sweet menu was the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

my. word.

Mighty, mighty good. This is a can of coconut milk simmered with raw cacao powder, pure peanut butter, a pinch of salt & rice malt syrup. It was a very filling cup of chocolatey wonder. Definitely doing this again when I need a chocolate knock-out.

Even with these yummy delights, last week was also a really hard week. My entire family were here for it and brought so many treats with them. Including a giant box of Anvers (a quaint chocolate factory in Tassie, the best ever) fudge 'seconds' (*sad face*). I've kept some for when the detox is up and I decide to have a cheat day. But boy oh boy, there was more than one occasion where I came this close to just 'doing it' and eating a piece of fudge, or brownie... I'm actually very surprised I didn't.

TWO WEEKS TO GO!! I actually still have a sweet tooth (did you figure that out?) which is supposed to be gone by the end of the detox. But, there are still two weeks to go, so I'll wait it out and see where my sweet tooth sits by the end.

And WELCOME to Karen, Jessica, Kimmie & Sarah who have all bought the book and going to give the detox a go! That's all it takes guys.. not a life-long commitment to leave sugar out of your life, but a "give it a go" attitude. You will see how you feel at the end, and work out what foods you might then want to leave out of your life.


  1. I got a mention in your blog! I'm famous. :) That cheese cake was so good. And the peanut butter hot choco! And...and.. ;) x
    Count me in!

  2. Hannah have you tried freezing the choc peanut butter recipe? My God... Like rich chocolate ganache ice cream!! Amazing. And it turns into a delicious mousse in the fridge. I made it for my last night on week 2 before I go no sugar and no sweetness! Probably a bad idea in hindsight...

    1. No I havent tried that! Sounds divine! Yeah I held off trying any sweet recipes till after Week 6 lol.


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