Sunday, 23 June 2013

:: week 5/6 sugar-free ::

Week 5 is done and I'm so excited to enter Week 6, because now the 'no-sweetness-whatsoever' part is over, and I can start adding in small amounts of healthy sweetness back into my life. 1 piece of fruit a day, things sweetened with stevia, and rice malt syrup. It's really important that I don't go nuts now, though the point is that by this stage I'm not supposed to be feeling the need for regular sweet treats.

I've had my moments (especially when with friends) where I really wondered what I was doing as they all ate their way through blocks of chocolate, but at the end of the evening it was a good feeling to know that I'd only eaten yogurt, nuts & homemade cheese biscuits & crackers for 'dessert'. They all understood though, and thought I was very brave (I wasn't feeling the bravery but had to stick it out by that stage lol).

The timing for Week 6 couldn't be better, with my whole family up here from Tasmania for a week! Most of them are meeting their nephew and grandson for the first time. I welcomed their arrival with a sugar-free celebratory cheesecake from "I Quit Sugar." Oh it was beautiful.

Other recipes I tried from the book this week were:

.parsnip fries tossed in almond butter.
(surprisingly amazing)


.curry coconut chicken meatballs.
(no flour/breadcrumbs)

If you want to know the fast answer on why we need to quit the sugar fructose as opposed to glucose (what rice malt syrup is), and also the top 5 things you should cut out of your diet (highest in sugar/fructose), then click and read this quick link. It's by Sarah Wilson, the author of "I Quit Sugar" and she has so much valuable information for all of us.

I will be posting a photo of the cheesecake after I slice myself another piece tonight. Mmm-mmmmm!!

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