Sunday, 26 May 2013

:: week 2 sugar-free ::

So I have survived my first week of my sugar detox! My only confession is licking the icecream scoop after dishing up a heavenly dessert for some guests on Friday night, of rustic apple tart, white chocolate custard & vanilla Connoisseur icecream. So I had some self control, yeah?

It's actually been surprisingly easy so far. Not because I don't usually have a lot of sugar on a regular day either, but because I'm making sure I make hearty meals for breakkie, lunch & dinner, as well as having lots of protein-dense snacks around. I worked out that I probably saved my body of 50 teaspoons of sugar last week alone. And that's just from cutting back my fruit intake to about 2 pieces a day, skipping that dessert I mentioned above, not having a bowl of icecream on Saturday night with Jase & not snacking on any chocolate during the week days. Scary!

So Sunday morning I reckon I experienced my first 'withdrawal' symptoms. I woke up and felt slightly dizzy, nauseous and like I was 'starving', even though I think I have eaten more since being on this diet than ever. So I made myself a massive bowl of quinoa porridge with half a banana, lots of cinnamon & almond milk. It was so good. And an egg muffin just to make sure. I felt better after that.

One of the uh-mazing snacks that I've started making are these genius egg & bacon muffins. The recipe comes in Sarah Wilson's book "I Quit Sugar" (she's so awesome, with down-to-earth, easy ideas!). Let me tell you why they are so awesome. 

1) You can use scrappy bacon. I buy the 1kg bag from Aldi which is only $5! 
2) You line the muffin paper with the bacon scraps so it's pretty tight. This way the
egg doesn't stick to the paper like it always does. They pop right out!
3) You just crack a whole egg in each one & sprinkle some herbs/grated cheese. Bake at 200c for 15 mins (put them in for an extra 5-10 mins with just the bacon initally if you like your bacon crispy).
4) Oh, and hubby will actually warm them up for himself and eat breakfast.

Cheap, tasty, full of protein and can be made in advance! Take to work! No excuses!


  1. PS If you come across any awesome brekky ideas that don't involve porridge or eggs or too much gluten, let me know :-P I'm so uninspired....

    1. Have sent you an email Rebecca!

  2. These look great Han! So quick and easy to make and definitely protein pro. I'm so going to make these to have after my work outs!

    Keep up the good work with your sugar detox! Go you thing! x

    (...I just wrote a sesible-ish post.... tss)


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