Tuesday, 30 April 2013

:: raw carrot cake ::

Sticky, sweet, moist, nutty carrot cake. I love carrot cake. Don't care how it comes, carrot cake is always great. But unfortunatley, just because the word 'carrot' is involved, doesn't mean it's going to be good for you (definitely not with the SaraLee version, I can assure you!).

But this. This is a the Popeye version of carrot cake. It's just packed with good stuff, and is definitely a guilt free treat. And it's not just full of protein blah, blah... it's also raw (as in, it doesn't need baking). Howzat?!

I found it on the Lorna Jane website, and although I didn't give a second thought to trying it (there's no weird ingredients folks!) I wasn't exactly sure if it was going to taste very good. Boy, was I wrong. This tastes awesome! All the nuts really provide a round taste and it knocks my sweet tooth over with only a few dates as a sweetener. Fan-nutty-tastic.

Raw Carrot Cake

3 cups grated carrot*
1 cup almonds
1/2 cup pecans
1 cup Medjool dates (approx 10 large)**
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1/2 cup oats***
3 teas cinnamon
1/2 teas nutmeg
1/2 teas cinnamon
1/4 cup water

Cashew Icing
1 1/2 cups cashews
2 Tab water
2 teas vanilla
2 Tab Honey

Cake Method:

Combine almonds, pecans & oats in a food processor. Blend until roughly ground. Add the dates, coconut and spices, and blend again, adding water gradually (I actually forgot the water! still worked though).
It should be a cake batter consistency. Add the grated carrot and blend for about 30 seconds to fully combine. You may need to occasionally scrap the sides. Press into a lined cake tin. Smooth the top with the back of a wet spoon. Put in the freezer for 1-2 hours to firm up before icing.

Icing Method:
Place all ingredients in food processor and blend till smooth. Spred evenly over set cake and return to freezer for another 1-2 hours before cutting in squares.


*If you have a Thermomix, just chuck all the carrots (roughly chopped) into the bowl and blend on Speed 7 for approx 5 seconds until about as small as grated carrot would be.
** Dried dates are fine. Soak in warm water for 1/2 hour first.
*** For a gluten free version, you could use rice flour or quinoa flour.

Store in the freezer. Take it out 1/2 hour before serving to allow it to soften slightly. If you leave it out for a few hours it will become too mushy to handle.

It's so good.


  1. Oh now this is right up my ally. Seriously looks amazing too.

  2. O.K. Hanni, I'm on my way to the kitchen.

  3. Monster Lunch3 May 2013 at 04:11

    Looks yummo! Horses would probably like it too; two birds with one stone.


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