Saturday, 23 February 2013

:: sunday arvo joys ::

Another weekend nearly over, but there is still a couple more hours left to make something of it. Something cozy, productive, comforting, tasty.... anything :). I felt like blogging, so I am.

Here's what I made with the almond butter that I posted the recipe for the other day.
Yes, it's GOOD for you.
No sugar.
No flour.
No bake.

You can bless Katie for this recipe.

Myself after an arm workout. I don't have a lot of equipment at home, but I'm trying to do most of what I was doing at the gym, here at home. I've put my membership on a 3 month suspension till after bubs has been around for a while. 

Please excuse the makeup-free face (and I'm talking completely nude) and wacky eyes.

 And a picture of the gorgeous flowers that work gave me (which are now dead), just because they really are so sunny...

How are you spending your Sunday afternoon?



  1. You look ridiculously good, Han!
    Oh, and I stopped wearing makeup after my first baby was born... never seemed to have time to put it on, so now I don't at all... except for weddings... hehe. You look great :D

    And that slice looks delish!

    Ashlee Jackson

    1. Thanks Ash! I only wear mascara when I go out now (the beauty of pregnancy skin!) but I sure don't bother with even that when I'm home alone hehe.

  2. Okay, where do I start?!

    Those brownies look too perfect. What I would give to sink my teeth into a slice of them right now! :-)

    You don't need makeup. Period.

    Your home is so ridiculously cute!! Loving the way you're styling it and can't wait to see the nursery. I may have been looking really hard at the bottom pictures (nice flowers!) and I love the framed picture from your wedding. Perfect!


    1. Hehe, they are more of a fudgey slice than a brownie. Too simple to make!

      And thank you, but I'm sure you still wear makeup even though *I* think *you* don't need it :P

      And thank you again! That is probably the only angle of the house that I'm willing to take a photo of though! We still have a lot of work to do around every corner! The nursery is barely started (gulp) but that's because I'm waiting to get it painted. This weekend looks like it might happen!

  3. HOLY HANNAH what a post! Brownies and flowers and YOU, oh my! Love the mirror above your table as well, looks amazing! So close now!

    1. You never fail to punch some happiness at me with your comments, lady!! The mirror was a 2nd hand bargain, but no where NEAR the bargain you got the other day. x


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