Tuesday, 22 January 2013

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy ::

Here is what's making my working week a tad brigher... how about you?

1} GREAT news on the baby front!

There was a little concern that my placenta was too low for a natural birth on my 20wk ultrasound, but on yesterday's scan, it presented as being 10cm well clear!! Thank God for that. Also, it's no longer breech *happy dance*.

Above: quite a clear little silhouette!
Below: face front on. Albeit a slightly 'creepy doll' face with the hollow eyes (centre of picture with chin to the left), I can see chubby cheeks and a little button chin!

2} Lots of yummy leftover food getting around today.

I had another Thermomix demo for some interested girlfriends last night, and we had the yummiest time with Mixed Berry Sorbet, Sundried Tomato/Cashew/Parmesan chunky dip, Hot Veggie Soup, Pizza Bianca (like a turkish bread), Warm Pumpkin Cous-cous Chicken Salad, and steamed Lemon Coconut Puddings... all from the machine in 2 hours! SO full. And someone bought one, so I got a free cookbook, bonus!

3} Surprise baby presents from patients at work.

Two lovely ladies gave me bub presents today! So sweet. It just makes your day, and all that smiley-customer-service worth the work.

(this and some cute 'coloured' outfits ;))


  1. Happy dance indeed! So exciting. God is very good.
    That thermomix food menu had me droooooooling!
    I'm still waiting to hear from a demonstrator about booking in one - got heaps of interested friends!

    1. It was an amazing menu! I'm surprised a demonstrator hasn't run to your door yet! Sounds like you would have a fantastic demo with all your friends! Between 3 and 6 is a good amount to have. I think I had 10 or 12 at one and it was a little too many for sampling lol.


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