Tuesday, 13 November 2012

:: 22 weeks & smiling ::

 {hmm.. don't look so big in this one, must be the white top...}

It's all downhill from here, people!! 18 weeks to go.

I'm still feeling great, not as hungry as I was 4-6 weeks ago, so it's easy to get through the day without grabbing random, naughty snacks. I'm enjoying all foods equally, no particular cravings.

Belly is really starting to pop! And change things. Snuggling up to hubby at night is a little more difficult, and getting food spills on my shirt is a lot easier.

We had our final scan last week, and got to see lots of little things... hands, feet, face... it's going to be adorable. It still weirds me out to think that there is an entire human inside of me. Someone who comes everywhere with me. Funny stuff.

Since about 8 weeks, I've been applying Miranda Kerr's (KORA Organics) "Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil" after every shower. All over my belly, thighs, and any other area that might be susceptible to stretch marks during this time. It's absolutely fantastic and my skin feels so great. I was also planning on using the "Enriched Body Lotion" afterwards as Miranda advises, but haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet. Need to soon though.

And here's a profile of a certain little person:


  1. Wow! Time is speeding by - not too much longer till you meet this precious little one! So excited for you! xx

    1. I know, thanks Abbie! I hope (sort of... I'm not that organised yet!) that time continues this fast! xo


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