Monday, 29 October 2012

:: hello, halfway ::

Well, how about that... this pregnancy is halfway over! Human babies don't take long to cook, do they? I mean, 9 months isn't a lot. But before you all say, "Hey, that was fast!", don't forget that you only knew about it 8 weeks ago! ;) The 2nd half is going to drag like snail slime.

So I've been feeling all fine and dandy, which is great! I am a bit lightheaded for the first hour in the morning, but I pick up quick enough to start my 8am gym routine.

Baby is very active... kicking a lot throughout each day. Often after a meal and always when I lay down at night. It's so cute, I can't wait to meet the little person who's tapping away inside there. I know you're supposed to sing and talk to your baby bump, but I can't seem to do it without choking up. Especially if I use the word mummy, eg. "Hello, mummy can't wait to meet you!". That just cues the tears! Silly hormones...

I definitely have an element of "baby-brain" going on. Not very often, just the odd super-blonde moment that totally comes from nowhere. Like at work, when I went to put paperwork on the desk of someone who left months ago, or when I had to wipe down a mess and got the roll of plastic bags out to put on my hands instead of disposable gloves. So much fun.

This weekend we went away to the coast (Warrnambool) to use up a free motel voucher I've had kicking around for nearly a year. We spoilt ourselves a little and went to lots of new places. It's kind of ironic, that the last time we came to Warrnambool was also for a weekend, and it was nearly exactly a year ago... it was where we went to 'get away' after hearing that we wouldn't be parents this time around. I hadn't even had the operation yet. We just went.

And here we are, a year later. Same place but halfway along with a very healthy 'bun' in the oven.
God is good.

{squinted faces at the beach}

{at Port Fairy. And no, it wasn't as cold as Jase is making it look. He stripped to a t-shirt soon after}

{some really pretty buildings}

{an emu we spotted at Tower Hill}

{view from Tower Hill. an old volcano}

{a facinating house that was surrounded on 3 sides by a collosal hedge}

{the best steak I've ever had. totally worth the $40 (though we had a 50% off card). Eye fillet with bacon & mustard sauce}


  1. congrats on being half way! that is so exciting! and looks like it was a fabulous weekend away. what a great way to celebrate!! :) love reading about your journey.

  2. Wow Wow Wow! Since when does my sister have a Baby?!? Lol I know, Cant wait to be an uncle. MMM that steak looks great. And what a nice beach!

  3. Hey Han - love following your blog & seeing new pics of your baby bump!! Makes me a little more comfortable with idea of pregnancy when I can see it documented by someone else!! lol! :)

    1. Hi Jemima! I'm so glad that my pregnancy is inspiring you.. I'm really loving being pregnant (so far!)!

  4. Wooo love this post! So glad you guys got away for a nice little babymoon :) That steak is making my mouth water.... Lovely pictures too. Victoria has so much history and pretty scenery!

    I'm going to quote you saying "human babies don't long to cook" when you're 9+ months :-PPPP Snail slime is get so impatient!

    So precious that you're growing a perfect little life inside of you - God is good indeed!

    1. Haha, yes, I'm sure I'll be well and truly over it by the 9 month mark ;). It really is a miracle having a little person of our very own being designed right now. So excited!

  5. Ah! I'm so behind on commenting! Look how sweet you are with that bump! I feel like you're even cuter now than ever, which is amazing, because you were friggen' adorable before! Looks like you have a beautiful weekend together. It's funny how life comes full circle, isn't it? xo

    1. Baby likes your comment, it's kicking like crazy just now :). Aw you're too much haha xo.
      Yeah, life does come full circle, and we are better off for it.

  6. Pregnancy is such a new and exciting experience isnt it!! It is such a short time isnt it! For me i didnt even get the full 9 months! Lucy decided i needed to start my maternity leave early!!! Have fun and so glad to hear everything is going well :-) Oh and keep up the exercise I think it saved me from nausea and other uncomfortable pregnancy happenings! Have you felt your little one having hiccups yet? Just when you think it couldnt get more exciting you feel tiny cute hiccups!!! xo


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