Wednesday, 4 July 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy ::

Well hi, it's Wednesday and I almost didn't notice. 

Today is the biggest day of the year where I work (and nothing to do with the end of the financial year). It's "Naidoc Week"... a week celebrating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

One day during this week (which was today) we open up the place and raise a big marque. People hold stalls, we have things for the kids, a massive BBQ and a talent show with awards, among other things. I was stationed at 'massages' today, and given a few pointers by our qualified masseur, I was on my way. I got a good response but I'm not looking forward to how my hands will feel tomorrow!

But onto the 3 things that have made my week that little bit brighter:

1} Recieving my teas from iHerb!

I regularly order herbal-ish teas and other delights from They only charge me $4 for postage (international!) and they have great prices. I love a good variety of weird and wonderful teas; here's what I got this time around:

1 ~ french vanilla chai
2 ~ sweet coconut thai chai (decaf)
3 ~ rooibos chai (yes, we like chai)
4 ~ moroccan pomegranate rooibos
5 ~ vanilla caramel black tea
6 ~ skinny tropical vanilla coconut oolong tea

If you want to order from iHerb, I have a special code that my friends can use for their first order, that gives them $5 off. It's KEW100. So feel free to use that!

2} A beeeautiful quilted bedspread found today from oh-yes-Aldi!

3} aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...... 

I am so jolly tired from today's antics that I can't think of a third. I'm off to bed.

You'll just have to think of one of your own, and post it for me in the comments. Thanks! :P



  1. Mmm tea sounds yummy. Are they cheap enough to bother ordering from overseas?
    Aldi have beautiful specials this week - French provincial look :-)
    Sleep well xo

    1. They aren't too bad... the prices range between $3.50 - $4.50 for 20 tea bags. "Special" ones in woolies cost a lot more!

      I know! I'd love one of their chandeliers, but Bunnings has even nicer ones I have on my wishlist ;)


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