Thursday, 12 July 2012

:: ten rules to getting fit and staying fit ::

In a world where we mostly SIT all the time (well, I do) and the food that's easiest to grab is so packed with sugar & salt we'd probably all stay preserved in our graves for years, getting FIT is on so many people's minds.

But who knows what fit even means anymore, or "healthy" because the information we see and read is always clashing, regurgitating on itself & chewing up other people's ideas.

One minute we're told that if we eat any more than 2 eggs a day we're going to die of cholesterol overdose, and the next day we read a story about the world's healthiest, buffest guy who eats 2 dozen a day (I personally lean towards the latter story in this case. Whole eggs are an amazing superfood with only good fats).

So when I came across this nice, tidy little fitness checklist, void of all scary things like "only organic" & "juice 3 meals a day", I was very pleased.

I particularly liked the food suggestions. If we all stuck to this, we'd start shedding that weight as well as beating the bloat.

The exercise ones are good of course, but who really has time to bike/run/swim 4-6 times a week as well as cross train and lift heavy weights? It is ideal to have an hour of moderate - high intensity exercise a day, but I did like their urge to 'embrace manual labour' and just be ACTIVE during your daily activites! Getting in the garden, pushing a mower, running around the park with some kids.

So here's the list, what can you add into your day?

1)    Do not diet - a good lifestyle leads to good health; diets a short-term fix to failure.

2)    Eat in Abundance: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, and Green Vegetables.

3)    Eat in Moderation:  Fruits/Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Root Vegetables, Dairy, and Oils.

4)    Avoid: Sugars, Grains, and Alcohol.

5)    Cook From Scratch: Restaurant and Processed Meals are hazardous to your health.

6)    Walk, Bike, Run, Swim:  4-6  times each week.

7)    Cross Train: 2-4 Times each week - diverse work-outs using lift, push, pull, jump, punch,
       throw, balance, stretch exercise variations.

8)    Absorb Natural Sunlight: spend up to an hour outdoors each day.

9)    Stimulate Growth Hormone: Get lots of Deep Sleep (consistent pattern of 8 hours every
       night), Lift Heavy Weights, and Fast Intermittently.

10)  Embrace Manual Labor:  Incorporate Exercise into Daily Routine - Bike to Work, Walk

       to store, do your own yard work, Use Hands Tools, Dig Garden by Hand.

...and my own advice? Never use anything that looks remotely like this contraption above.


  1. I do like this list. :) There are times when we might need to dramatically change our diets (ie sickness, obesity etc), but in my opinion, most of the time keeping healthy matter of balance and proper perspective and this list does just that!

    1. I agree Fi, some people need to cut out dairy, gluten etc... but the majority of people who think they are eating well actually are having too much of something... usually sugar & processed grains (people have grains for every meal nearly these days!).

  2. Love this list Hannah! Thanks for sharing? Mind if I borrow it??

  3. You do find the most interesting things to blog. It's a great list. Sounds very reasonable. Slowly (or quickly ) adjusting some bad habits into good ones would be a good move for all of us. Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to try one of those booty shakers!!! They look way too fun after a few cocktails ;)

    1. Gosh, you've seen one in action? I think they look hideous!


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