Wednesday, 27 June 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy ::

The days are getting colder - much colder. Today we had a low of -2! But that's about as bad as it will get I think.

We had a big weekend, with Jason doing paid gigs on both Friday night & Sunday. It was good fun but made for an exhausting weekend for both of us (him with playing, me for being designated driver for him & a mate at 2am!).

We also recieved our disk of First Anniversary photos, which blew our booties off. Can't wait to frame some of those beauties! I uploaded the lot to Facebook.

There are lots of little things to be thankful for this week, kind friends.. good food.. warm loungeroom.. and these 3 things:

1} Jason finishing his Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

Woot! Congrats darling!
It's been hard doing it in the evenings while he was working full time this year. He 'threw in the towel' so  many times on it, but I just washed 'the towel' and handed it back to him. And now, days away from the deadline, all his assignments are in, and he is glad he's got it. Seee babe?

2} My Robins Egg Nails!

I saw the tutourial here. They were suggesting this nice gold glitter polish which has different sizes of glitter in it, which you could order online for $22.50. Well guess what I found in Kmart for $4? YES.

3} Today is my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Congrats Daddy & Mummy!
They are so sweet & in love. Dad had a Thermomix hidden away for her for weeks now and did very well not to spill the secret! To mum, at least. Everyone else knew. So this morning before he left for work, Dad dragged mum out of bed at 6:30am and brought her to the kitchen where her new machine sat. They filmed the whole thing, said it was hilarious. She could hardly see as it was, and then her jaw dropped and she had nothing to say! "Whaa... whe.... wuuu.." So cute :).


Until next time,


  1. Yay Jase! Good on ya man. And go your supportive wifey too ;-)
    Lovin' the robins egg nails - very classy. And you have the nicest shaped nails!

    Congrats to your gorgeous parents - they are such a beautiful couple. I can totally imagine your mum's delight with a Thermomix. So sweet!

    PS You want cold? Come to Canberra ;-) Minus 8 I think so far. But seriously, you should still come for a visit anyway.

    1. Thanks for you beautiful comment Bec! x
      And yeps, we do wanna come for a visit! Maybe we should do that while Jason is still looking for work (and I'll take a Friday off to make it a long weekend). Inbox me some free weekends coming up!

      Minus 8 is bad! But what's your high? Maybe you have nicer? We get about a top of 7 at the moment.


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