Tuesday, 19 June 2012

:: how to: eat a pomegranate ::

The other day I was in the fruit shop, noticing these epically large, red pomegranates (which are in season at the moment) and figured I might as well buy a couple to eat with lunch that day.

I don't know what I was thinking (perhaps I was confusing them with a persimmon) but I was expecting to mung away at it like an apple. After sawing it in half though, I quickly realized that wouldn't be happening.

A girl at work suggested I google how to eat them (of course!) and as I tapped the keyboard, "How to eat a... "pomegranate" comes up automatically. There was even a website, "how-to-eat-a-pomegranate.com" which is where I found the answer to my dilemma.

So I figured that there has got to be a lot of other people also as naive a s me when it comes to poms. Here's my step-by-step to pommy success (& I'm not talking of the British kind).

:: how to eat a pomegranate ::

1} Start by picking a nice big, red one. Some have LOADS of seeds, and some are more of a lemon, and barely  have any. You WANT loads of seeds because the seeds are the only part you eat.

2} Saw the top off.

3} Make six incisions, all the way around the sides, but don't cut all the way to the middle.

4} Place in a bowl full of cold water, and leave to soak for 10 - 15 minutes.

5} Tip out the water, break open the fruit into segments and begin prising the seeds out with your fingers. They should come out pretty easily.

By the end you'll have a bowl full of juicy seeds.
I had them once plain, and the second one with yogurt. I liked them with yogurt the best.

Love Hannah x x


  1. Wow Yumm I miss pomegrenade LoL!

  2. Too bad if you picked one with no seeds. I had no idea! Are they sweet?

    1. I had no idea either. Yep, they are sweet, but a bit tangy, like raspberries can be.

  3. I've never cut them into sixths or let them soak in water! But the way I've always done it is to cut it open and then de-seed it in a large bowl full of water. The seeds will sink to the bottom, the white stuff will float to the top, and if you pop a seed accidentally, the red juice just mixes with the water instead of splattering all over. Then, at the end, you just strain the seeds out. I usually de-seed three or so pomegranates at a time and put the seeds in a tupperware to eat throughout the week.

    1. I got my instructions from howtoeatapomegranate.com. Sounds like your way is just as good!
      One thing though, with the way I did it, I didn't pop or splatter a single seed. Maybe the soaking helps with that?
      I like your idea of doing a heap at once to store away :)


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