Tuesday, 10 April 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy #7 ::

1} homemade chai latte

[for 2]

In a microwave proof jug, combine:
3 cups low-fat milk
1/4 teas cinnamon
1/4 teas nutmeg
1/3 teas cardamom
pinch of sea salt
1 teas vanilla extract
3/4 teas stevia (or 2 teas sugar)

Whisk all together and put in the microwave for 4 - 5 minutes on high, taking out reguarly to whisk again. Watch to make sure it doesn't boil over, and if it's not hot enough, put it in for a bit longer. Pour into 2 mugs & enjoy.

2} Opening our super giant "kinder surprise" egg:

3} Getting an OPG last night, in preparation for today's dental appointment.

Finally my insurance waiting period is over and I can start to get some of the nasty work over and done with (the scary x-ray machine that circled my head below. I didn't watch).

Please share some of your own midweek nonsense, whatever it might be!

Oh, and I apologise for a few months back, when I said that anyone could comment (even anonymously) but the whole time I had that option switched off! This has since been remedied. So now everyone can comment (even anonymously :P), so I'm expecting to hear from some pretty peeps!

Love me x

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