Wednesday, 4 April 2012

:: hannah's how-to [on avoiding those Easter kilograms] ::


I tremble with the thrill and the dread, of overindulging. To me, there is nothing like shove, shove, shovelling a dark chocolate egg into your mouth, feeling it all crack into pieces and then melt into one huge deadly mouthful. And go again.

It's not like I ever even buy chockie at Easter time; the air is just full of it! People leave eggs everywhere; in the staff kitchen, on your seat, under your computer monitor... Even when I have the perfectly legitimate excuse of "Ohh thanks, but I've already eaten 8 today..." it ends up in your stomach. Hello zits.

But there are ways to survive this season of unresistable temptation. I'd like to share some of my ideas that help me say NO, when I'm really have no intention of saying anything like that.

Or a bunny. I mean it. You need to have one or.. you'll end up having one anyway.
There is nothing wrong with chocolate, in any shape, as long as it's in moderation.

2} Have something sweet but healthy on hand mung on for as long as it takes to get rid of your hankering for Easter goodies.
For example:

3} Have a hot drink; coffee, hot chocolate (without sugar), or my choice: green tea.

I find that filling my belly up with a warm beverage makes me less likely to want chocolate,
or any food for that matter. For me, it's something about having my stomach full of liquid and then eating food afterwards feels wrong.. like the food can't digest because the digestive juices are all dissolved in the drink (which I've heard is true), and I feel bloated by it. 
Could be just me!! But I still think that filling up on a hot drink helps curve the sweet tooth. Sometimes I need 2 green teas to stop me... nothing wrong with that.

4} Ask your hubby to hide the home stash.
Yes, I've had to resort to this in the past. If you feel like you're going to keep popping back to the pantry, get it removed!

Hmmmm, now I'm starting to feel like perhaps I'm just a self-confessed addict and maybe all these tips are irrelevant to you all, I don't know! But I do know that I'm going to make a giant batch of healthy, nutty treat balls or something to cart around with me so I don't get on the sugar too hard!

Have a great Easter break everyone!!

Drive really safe if you're going camping or something fun. I'm pretty sure I'll just be making a start on packing house. Might squeeze a day trip in there somewhere. :)

Love me


  1. awww Hanna love ur blog and ur post!!! mmmmm well theres not much chocolate where i am so any o see am muching it! LOL but i know after the wedding when i can have chocolate anytime am sure to remember this advice!!! lovely blog mwah

  2. My cure for the Easter binge: Get a tummy bug! Gets rid of every chocolate craving (as well as every other food!) haha :(

    1. That... would also work. Though I think I would be hoarding chocolate for when I was better!
      Are you ill darling?

  3. Hehe yes you would be! Like a squirrel in winter! Yeah i've had a nasty bug all week and am barely eating a thing. Keeping down Vegemite on toast is an achievement! Maybe ill send you over my chocs! Haha xx Miss you!

    1. You poor thing! :( Praying you recover fast. tummy bugs are no good... but like you say, maybe a blessing in disguise at this time of the year ;). Miss you too!

  4. I'm so proud of myself. I went all Easter without eating one chocolate! I just know that if I have one, then I'll crave more.

    1. Well that's admirable! Well done!

  5. Hannah. I'm sorry I haven't commented on anything in a bit. These are all very good tips. For me, it is mostly just not having it around. I try not to buy anything because if it is around the apartment, I will definitely eat it. Hope you did well around Easter. :)

    1. That's ok Brittany! And yes, I know what you mean - if it's not around, you can't eat it!! Good plan ;)


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