Sunday, 15 January 2012

::my holiday {part vier}::

We're up to New Years Eve...

All the kiddlet siblings back at home were none the wiser when Jase and I slipped out to 'visit someone'. The poor bubs wouldn't be allowed out so late to watch the fireworks.

After already a whole week with my family, it was amazing how much we missed just being
alone together.

20:00 hours.. city beach, gathering for some action:

21:00 hours - firedancers with abs:

22:00 hours - place filling up:

                                                               00:00 hours 2012:

Wishing everyone a year filled with that same awe & wonder that you feel when gazing at the sky (fireworks or no), admiring your baby, inhaling a baked dinner, sinking into a hot bath, licking icing off your cupcake or cuddling your hubby.


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