Monday, 12 December 2011

::modcloth me::

I may or may not have been introduced to a very dangerous & potentially lethal website recently by a friend.

Even just their slogan seduced me: Indie, Retro Vintage Dresses & Cute Clothing

Starting with dresses, you can go mad with 43 pages, and all of them literally chain-store affordable. For example: pirouette perfect @ $92

I'd just love to prance the streets in this and a pair of navy heels @ $88

there is just a massive tonne of different styles: tropical tidings @ $65

and don't get me started on their SHOE selection! Fleur De Bloom... ok these are $149 but LOOK at them!
Tone of a Kind - (only $40!!!!!)
And these "Divine and Conqure" and completely not me, but you've got to appreciate that they only are only $50!
I can't get on that website without mentally figuring out how to work a pair of heels or some threads into our next week's budget. there is far too much eye candy to absorb. I hope your husbands can forgive me for this. Have fun girlies.... x


  1. I can't help but laugh because I was the exact same way when I found Modcloth... Check out Threadsence and Ruche. They are the same indie style clothes at Modcoth but a wee bit cheaper!

  2. Hi Hailey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. And thanks also for the new websites to drool over ;)

  3. Haha uh oh! Sounds like someone'd better warn Jase!! ;) oh and the 'Divine and Conqure' shoes are TOTALLY me!!! lol

  4. Oh yeah Bek, they are VERY you!! Buy yourself a pair, go on!! Or put it on your Christmas list ;)

  5. I really like the first dress, I can see it on me =) xxx

  6. Hi TzeYien! It's gorgeous right? I'm having such a hard time avoiding purchasing it..


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